Windows Home Server


Windows Home Server is now on the market and finding its way into homes all over. Windows home server takes the confusing aspects of enterprise servers and puts an easy to use central data storage point for your home. "With Windows Home Server, you can easily back up, access, share, and store all your family's digital media." (Microsoft's Website) A 120 day trial can be ordered from Microsoft’s Website. Lets get down to business and break down windows home server.

The installation of home server took roughly 45 minutes. Not bad compared to the 2 hrs it took to install server 2008.

Nation Rick Rolled

Today during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, on national television, all who watched were Rick Rolled. The Foster House puppets were singing a bubbly little song. All of a sudden the music came to a halt and Rick Astley popped out on the float singing his hit "Never gonna give you up."

Coutdown Till Ubuntu Release

We promised and we shall deliver

Scott and I have been in the process of adding more content as we promised. Lately we have been developing a new site for the college geeks out there. We have been recording podcasts, and also will have live feeds on stickam. If you have any ideas, or would like to participate in our podcasts/ development please E-mail us at Thanks for reading...

T.J. and Scott

Small Town Geeks

Mobile me has arrived!

At last the wait is over. Mobile-Me has finally arrived. Ever since WWDC we have been anxiously awaiting the all new interface for .Mac. It is here.

The new interface for mobile me is a huge improvement over what .mac used to be. It seems like this service is finally worth the money. The big test for this service is handling so much traffic from the mobile world. As long as it can hold up to that I think this service will be a huge hit.

I look forward to building photo albums for my family and friends and enjoying this new service from apple.

Update: The gallery function does not function as of 7:04 est.



I was just tooling around the inter webs when I came across an article about mobile me. I, out on a limb tried sending myself an email to my .mac account. Without thinking I put down I realized this after I had already sent the email. Much to my surprise my blackberry started vibrating. This means that is already re-directing to your .mac account. Only 4 more days for the real thing. I cant wait. Look for a full review of mobile me coming up next week.

Till then...

Have a good one

Duck Tape Festival

This really doesn't have much to do with technology but more along the lines of ingenuity. I recently attended the 2008 Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival. Yes that's right a DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL.
The Duck Tape Festival is 2 day festival celebrating duck tape and all of it's wonderful uses. There was plenty to do at the festival, there was rides for the kids, a beer tent for the adults, and plenty sculptures made from duck tape.

While I was there I spoke with a young lady named Abby Doud, Abby came all the way from Chicago just to show off her prom dress and tux that she made from Duck Tape. If she wins the contest she will receive a 3000 scholarship for school next year. Please if you can go on and vote for Abby at she is entry number 4080. This girl deserves to win, she spent 650 hours on her prom dress made completely out of Duck Tape.

On Saturday morning, you will see many roads closed in Avon. This is due to the Duck Tape parade. The Duck Tape parade is a parade where the floats are made solely out of Duck Tape. This year there was several really cool entrants. I am proud to say that the float that won has won 3 out of 3 times they entered, and for good reason. The winner of the 2008 Duck Tape Parade was KMU Trucking and Excavating. KMU's float was a full size replica of a John Deere Back Hoe. This was not just a Duck Tape Sculpture, the thing actually moved. As the float moved through the parade route it raised and lowered the bucket pulling treasure out of the treasure chest. There is no secret as to why they one. The creativity and man power that went into this float was unbelievable.

This was a really cool event and a great way to celebrate the tape that holds our lives together. I encourage anyone in or around the Cleveland area to go to the Duck Tape festival. You will not be disappointed. That's it for now,

T.J. Houston

3G iPluses ++

I guess I will step up to the plate here and defend the iPown.

Saying that the phone should have been 3G in the first place is debatable. From an American consumer point of view even I myself wish that it hadn't taken this long to provide consumers with a 3G Apple Phone. But after the keynote speech, if we step back and see that there are going to be around 70 countries operating on a 3G network.

So why should I give a crap about the geeks in Egypt and whether or not they get 3G while they climb around on their pyramids?

It's all about the future. Apple as a company saw the need to hold out on geeks here in the States in order that they could deliver a product literally to the world. Now there will be people around the world working on new applications. Adding to the troubleshooting process by having more users available to identify potential problems such as issues with updates or other software. Also it develops a user network. Now there will be a product that is going international(significantly more than previously). With more countries serviced means more income which means more advancements in products.

I will let my inner geek shine for one last minute. 3G is too slow. Let's keep the technology going. We've conquered 3G. What can we do next to make mobile connections faster, smaller and better. Whether it's the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or other Smartphone(and I use that term loosely) I strongly believe consumers will see a lot of new improvements in mobile technology
within the next 4-5 months.


New Additions

In the next few weeks you will see the site dramatically change. I want to add more media to the site. I want this to be a place where people can come to learn about new technology as well as read reviews of new tech. My main focus is going to be mobile computing. I love having the ability to be connected everywhere. Keep checking back for new additions to the site in the coming months. You will also see new faces around here writing articles. I am in the process of adding more geeks to the blog so we can gain more content. Thanks for reading…


My New Smartphone

I recently purchased the new blackberry curve on the Verizon network.

Here are some stats:

· Ev-do
· Built in GPS with Turn by Turn directions
· Full QWERTY Keyboard
· 2.0 MP Camera (Still and Video)
· Video Recording
· MMS Messaging
· Push Email
· The normal Smartphone Apps: Calendar, Task list, Blackberry Chat, Password Vault, Alarm Clock
· Nice large display

This was a nice upgrade from the HTC-6700. The phones cost was $149.00. The data plan was $29.99 dollars extra a month unlike the $59.99 plan that Verizon had.

I have had nothing but good experiences with his phone. All of my outlook contacts were added with no hassle at all. It took about 20 minutes to setup 3 email accounts to my phone. The ability to add applications is a wonderful experience. It’s as simple as click, download, enjoy.

Google has made the blackberry an awesome device. (More on this later) I think I made the right choice in purchasing the curve instead of going over to the i-phone. Look forward to a full review of the Google apps that are available to the blackberry.

I-Phone not worth it?

Ok the "Steve note" is done. The updates to Engadget have slowed down. Now that the dust has cleared lets go over the underwhelming announcements. I am not going to lie I refreshed Engadget all morning waiting to hear a big announcement. I feel that I am still waiting. After reading through the announcements and other blogs I’m not impressed.

i-Phone 3G Announcements:

· 3G (obviously)
· $199 Price Point
· Built in GPS
· Non recessed headphone jack (Not really a feature)
· The new firmware 2.0 ( Push e-mail, Mobile Me integration, wirelessly download applications)

As far as I can see that’s it. There was a quote on a blog that states today’s announcements "Market over Mind". There really wasn’t anything special that makes me want to purchase an i-phone. Actually for the past couple months I said I would get an i-phone when it went 3G. This is no longer my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong they fixed a lot of things that should have been in the first i-phone. I guess I was just expecting to hear some more big announcements ie: mms messaging, video recording, video chat, notes syncing… I guess I will be waiting another year for i-phones next birthday.

Anxious iPhone Fans Await Release

I must say I'm one of them. How many of us have Macworlds live update bookmarked? If you haven't already done so here is the link.

iPhone WWDC Live Update

I imagine that Steve Jobs is not going to dive right in on the new phone. This is a developers conference and I imagine that he will want to talk about the SDK. However if he wants to talk about new features on the iPhone than he will have to go into some detail.

On the flipside I doubt he expects to go in and do a keynote speech and walk out alive if he doesn't release the new iPhone. In all seriousness the public has waited a long time for the phone. And holding out much longer is just going to make people lose interest.

Regardless, Apple sure does have a good marketing program. The Apple iPhone is one of the most hyped up products of all time. It has people checking the web constantly

We know it exists, Steve Jobs give us our Video Integrated Chat, 3G, GPS enabled iPhone or give us death.

Globus non suffice.

*picture is from

It feels good...

I am glad that school is finally done for the semester. I will now have more time to spend working on the blog and having more me time. I have recently picked up WOW and despite all of the stereotypes... I love it. I have never been so in to a game before. OK well i gotta go to bed... gotta be at the precinct at 10 tomorrow....

Carpe Noctum

Whats this world coming to?

Its as simple as this.....

"If you cant Beat em Join em" returns!!!!!

It seems like forever. The endless nights of searching the Interwebs up and down for a decent torrent site has brought tears to my eyes. Just searching for the sweet necter of seeds. Uh...did that come out wrong? Anyway back to the point ever since shut down in what seems like eternity, I have been searching for a decent torrent site to get my "Files" from. But today it's all over and I can finally let my retinas regain their life. Demonoid has made it's triumphent return to the internet and my heart, even managing to keep all files and accounts intact. In a post on the main page today it states:

" Welcome back!

Since a few months ago, Deimos, the site administrator, lacks the necessary time to take care of the website, because of personal matters he's been needing to attend to. For this reason, he has decided to leave the site staff.

Before leaving, he assigned a new site administrator from among his friends to take care of the site. The old moderator team will continue helping with the site, unchanged. We will try to keep running everything just as it always has been.

The trackers and website seem to be working properly, and should any issues arise, they will be taken care of as soon as possible. The site might be going on and offline over the next days as we work out any problems.

Welcome back, and enjoy your stay!

- Umlauf
Demonoid Site admin

Okay so it's dated April 11th 2008 so either I've been slow or they actually just put it back up within the last few days. Either way i can relax, knowing fully that my download speeds and search results are safe once again in the hands of this beloved torrent site. Thank you demonoid.

Google + Outlook = Happy Smartphone User

For the past few weeks I have been trying to make myself use outlook more and more so I can learn simply because it is used so frequently in the business world. I remember last time I tried to sync my Google calendar with outlook and it was a nightmare. I used syncmycal last time and it didn’t get all of the data and you had to choose which system (Google or Outlook) had precedence over the other. While researching syncing outlook this time I stumbled upon a piece of software provided by Google services that did everything I wanted it to. Google Calendar Sync. After downloading this software all I had to do is put in my email address and password and all of my calendar dates were added. I found this is a great all in one solution for syncing Smartphone’s and your online calendar.

Guitar Hero: Wii Extra Controller Released

Well the time has finally come for all the Wii Guitar Hero fans. At work today while putting away the daily “direct” shipment, I came across what appeared to be more Guitar Hero 3 kits. Inside the box was quite a surprise. After all the wait it’s finally here... a stand alone Guitar Controller for the Nintendo Wii. I haven’t heard anything on its release in a while, but it’s here now for the jacked-up price low, low price of only 69.99. I seem to remember this being rumored to be around $50 or $60, but anyway it’s here and ready for some two player action.

Homeless Now Get Voicemail: Thanks to Google

Are you looking for a job? Are you unable to attain a phone number? Are you homeless? Well Google along with PHC (Project Homeless Connect) has the answer you are looking for.

Google is in the process of rolling out Grand Central, which is an online voicemail service that enables people to receive voicemails over the internet and now via payphones in San Francisco.

Now the homeless people will be able to have a phone number that can be put on job applications as well as healthcare contacts. This is a phenomenal step in improving our lives by using technology.



I-Phone SDK and Enterprise Add-ons

I was recently thumbing through some articles on MACWORLD when I saw a post titled Apple to Announce an event at there campus in Cupertino. The invite read:

"Please join us to learn about the I-Phone software roadmap, including the I-Phone SDK and some exciting new enterprise features,"

I am looking forward to see what new enterprise features Apple will un-veil. What does the Enterprise level need that the I-Phone does not have? It has a great web browser with tabbed browsing, an easy to use keyboard, the edge network, (which could use some work) but I don’t understand what enterprise features they need that they don’t already have. I guess we will see on March 6th at 10 Am.


Election 08'

After reading through C-Net's "Campaign coverage for the digerati" I think I have found the candidate that gets my vote, I really like the quote from Obama,
""The Internet is the most open network in history. We have to keep it that way. I will prevent network providers from discriminating in ways that limit the freedom of expression on the Internet."
I believe the internet should be open; it is a way to communicate and use it as you will. No government is ever going to stop pirating of music, movies or software. Many have tried but none have really succeeded.
Hillary Clinton, although I would like to see a women president, does not seem to be as up to date when it comes to the internet and technology. I don’t remember seeing a Clinton girl video on you-tube.

New Macs!

No big surprises here. Apple releases some new candidates for the mobile computer race. We have a beefed up MacBook and they upgraded the MacBook Pro's as well.

MacBooks: What you are looking at is a 2GB RAM Standard in the MacBooks with a 2.4 GHz cpu. Up to 250 GB Hard Drives. Keep in mind that it used to be 200.

Pro's: Up to 2.6 GHz CPU's. NVIDIA 8600M GT with up to 512mb of video memory. And of course the new multi touch track pad. It works similarly to the touch capabilities on the iPhone.

Overall its great to see upgrades. As far as prices are concerned everything is relative and as Apple policy no price jumps. But as far as running out and picking up one of these new machines? I'm still pulling for the technology like the Air. I think that we phased out the floppy drive and the I don't see the CD-Drive going anywhere. But a lot of people are purchasing their software via the internet avoiding the discs....Just my two cents.


Geek Movies

As I sit at my desktop and build websites, do homework, and work on the blog I found that I need to have background noise so I can stay focused. Usually I throw in a movie and just listen to it and occasionally glance over and get lost in the story line. I found some great movies that I am going to suggest to my fellow geeks:

Pirates of Silicon Valley
Hackers 2
Office Space
Live Free or Die Hard
And Finally Sneakers

These are great movies about technology. Add em to your Net-Flix que and see our previous post on how to back-up. 


I-Phone Update: 1.1.4

For all of you people who have there I-Phones unlocked for other carriers, I would not suggest synching your phone, The 1.1.4 update is now available, the update changes absolutely nothing except “bug fixes” . Still no word on the SDK that was supposed to be released in February. Hey apple news flash it’s almost March. I hope the I-phone dev team is making a new jailbreak for the current version of the I-Phone.


PS3 160GB

The other day at work I scanned the label of an 80 GB ps3 to see when we were going to get more in. The handheld it beeped and said this item has been deleted… I kind of figured there would be a new Sony PS3, but no word for sure yet. Yesterday the Sony rep came into the store to do some routine maintenance, and so I asked her, “What’s the deal” she said I can’t really say anything, I said the classic,” I won’t tell any body” and she gave in, Sony is releasing a 160gb model for sure. She also said it would debut with a dual shock 3 controller. The price point is going to be the same as the 80 GB, $499.99.

She unfortunately didn’t tell me when it would be released. I will try to get it out of her next time.



Gears 2

Just when you thought it wasn't going to happen, Epic has come through and announced Gears of War 2's release date.

From Microsoft:"IT'S OFFICIAL! At the 2008 Game Developers Conference, Epic Games' lead designer Cliff Bleszinski made the announcement fans have been waiting for: Gears of War® 2 is coming this November."

I just hope Microsoft beefs up there server farm so the people who do buy it during the Christmas season will be able to play. Unlike this year when the servers were down during X-Mas, and no one was able to sign in to X-box live for weeks.
I just hope it is as good as the first Gears.

In my small town?

Its really Hard to believe that this could happen... all while I was in class... kimd of makes me worry about my girlfriend that is attending the same college.

From LCCC main Web Page:

Timely Notice WarningFebruary 18, 2008 11:24p.m.

On Monday, February 18, 2008, a female student alleges that she was forced into a van at gun point while walking to her vehicle in parking lot 2 south from the CC Mall at 4:15pm. According to the student, three black males ordered her into a white van and allegedly raped her. The incident has been reported to Elyria Police. If anyone was in the area of parking lot 2 or 3 south during this time and has information that can assist Campus Security and Elyria Police with this investigation, please call 366-4053. Campus Security officers will be conducting additional parking lot patrols to ensure the safety of our campus community members. Escorts to personal vehicles can be requested by contacting Campus Security at extension 4053 or 366-4053. Please remember to always be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Campus Security office immediately. In order to ensure your safety on our campus, please be reminded of the following:
-Be aware of your surroundings
-If possible, always walk with a group of people to your vehicle
-Call Campus Security if you would like an escort to your vehicle
-Report any suspicious activity or encounters to Campus security immediately

Time to backup DVD's

Most people wont think twice about letting you borow a dvd from there collection…. Within 15 minutes you can have an exact copy as well as the exact same cover on the dvd, and the case if you need it. Some of you might pay for a service that delivers movies to your house every month.. this is a great service that not be named
(We are not responsible for copyright infringemint this method is used soley for backup purposes)
This works with Windows Vista as well as Windows XP. Krieder will have his Mac tutorial at a later date.
-Computer with a dvd burner
-A large hard drive if you want to save movies
-Blank DVD’s
-Sticky CD covers (available at walmart)
-Any dvd (this needs to be purchased but try it out first…)
-DVD shrink
-Nero (or any .iso burning software)
-Cover XP

First you will need to install ANY dvd…. This is the program that breaks the encryption on DVD’s if you do not have this installed DVD shrink will not be able to copy DVD’s .
1.After you have Any dvd installed, open DVD shrink and click open disk. A little tip, wait till your computer comes up and says there has been a dvd inserted, (this shows that any DVD has done its job) before you click open disk on DVD shrink.
2. After you say open disk it will come up and look like its reading through the disk.
3. At this point, DVD shrink will give you the options to shrink down the dvd, most of the time you will not have to. On the top you will see a button that says Backup.
4. Click Backup
DVD shrink is now building an ISO (exact copy) of your DVD
5. While this is happening, surf over to and search for the movie you are looking for. After you find the label or cover, right click and save picture to wherever you want it.
6. Open Cover XP, find the labels that you purchased under the labels bar.
7. Click on the Picture of the cd and navigate through your Hard Drive to find the image that you saved earlier. And click Print.
Back to your DVD.
8. After your image is done being made, find it in your hard drive and double click.
9. This should launch the image burning software you have installed,
10. Burn the ISO.
11. After it is completed attach your label
12. Enjoy your DVD

I-pod shuffle now only $49

Although the I-Pod shuffle does not have a screen, it is still a great MP3 player. Last year my mother was looking to get a very simple MP3 Player to listen to when she works out and when she is at work. All of the other players on the market for what she needed where very cheap and they used Windows Media Player, which in my experience is a nightmare. The I-tunes software is much easier to use for someone who is not tech savvy. So we picked it up for her. Little did I know I would steal it and use it instead of my I-pod nano. The battery life is amazing and not having a screen frees you from the constant searching for a song. For all of you nay sayers out there that think I screen is a necessity, it is not… I have found the solution, only put songs you would listen to on there… not your whole library. For $49.00 it’s a great price for a great MP3 player.


Microsoft DreamSpark

It was announced today that Microsoft is giving students a package of developer tools that is rival to none. The first thing you do is go over to Channel 8 and sign in using your live ID. After giving your ID you are asked to validate your school, which is very similar to the regular MSDN that you may be accustomed to. If your school is on there… Enjoy the free software. If you are still reading this then your schools name was not on the list. Its ok there is hope for you yet. If you scroll down you will see a message that states,
“If you have selected your Country, but your University is not listed in the above ListBox, here are some options to get a new Student ID.”
Just follow the steps to validate that you are a student. After you do, feel free to enjoy the free software that Microsoft has bestowed upon you.

Things available for download:
SQL Server 2005
XNA Game Studio 2.0
Visual Studio 2005 professional Edition
Visual C# 2005
Visual Basic 2005
Visual Studio 2008
Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Expression Studio
Xna Creators Club Online
Visual C++ 2005
SQL Server 2005 Express
Visual J# 2005
And Virtual PC 2007


So Sony has officially won the format war. Ars technical reporting today that Toshiba will stop shipping HD-DVD’s at the end of March. Why did Blu-ray win?

I believe the whole war was won with the all mighty dollars. I think Sony bought its way out of the war. In my opinion, the HD-DVD format was better. The HD-DVD was better priced and it was more useful. They did not require you to purchase a new player for new features, they pushed out firmware updates to make your investment more useful.

When I found out that my store (Wal-mart) was going exclusively Blu-ray I knew it was over. When the world’s largest big box store stops supporting a certain format you knows its over. The good thing is I did not run out and grab a certain player. I followed the advice from the crew at Buzz out Loud and waited.

I am still looking at getting an HD DVD player just to have a nice DVD player for a good price. I am sure by next week the price on the A3 will be 50 bucks on clearance. What a deal…

Codec anyone?

Have you ever tried to play that cool new Divx movie you just downloaded, or watch Friends Season 6 on your laptop and stumble across that awesome error that reads:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the Player does not support the file you are trying to play"

I have found the solution; navigate over to the “Combined Community Codec Pack” Main page. The CCCP is an organization that is providing an easy alternative to downloading individual codec packages. The download consists of all of the most popular codec packages that you will need. Now you never have to worry about finding the codec that is needed to play your movies.

Hope this helps.


Cobalt for her, Crimson for me

As I said before Ashley has had my crimson DS since Christmas time. And she still does. It’s ok because it gives her something to do at her apartment. Last night I was at work and they asked me to stay till midnight so I could be there for the release of the new Crimson DS. It didn’t bother me I will happily take an hour of overtime. Little did I know, I would fall into the trap of purchasing one. It just looked so good and the colors defiantly look great. I haven’t told her yet, but I am sure she will be happy to finally have her own.

Romney and the new year

It seems like every commercial break on the radio it talks about Romney dropping out of the race.... ok its over he dropped out.... get over it... I am tired of hearing about it! Just a little rant...

Any way…. We are trying a lot of new things on the blog for this year…. We are in the process of adding a podcast to our blog, adding some more writers… and adding some new features… stay tuned

Word 2007-Stupid Formatting...

A word to the wise! Never use dumb formats like .xlsx or .docx when sending mass emails. People can't open these files and you are wasting a lot of time! But if you find yourself on the receiving end of one of these emails from some ignorant b!@#!@#. Then let me give you some suggestions.

First you can head on over to
Its a free converter service that will upload your file and convert it to something you can open.
But keep in mind it will take 20 minutes or 2-3 hours to e-mail you your new file.

Second you can get some sort of viewer from Microsoft.
But chances are that if you are on a work machine then you wont have proper admin rights to make the necessary changes...


P.S.- If you can't tell I have just received a .xlsx file and spent the last hour trying to open it...

Are the Phishers getting lazy?

I just got an email, supposidly from the IRS. Take a look at the Web Address that they provided. I think I am going to put my credit card information on here. Are the Phishers getting lazy?

Notification of Tax Refund on your VISA or MasterCard Now
Dear Citizen
After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $203.59. A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. To access the form for your tax refund please copy/paste the link below in your browser (or click the link below)

Note: For security reasons, we will record your ip-address, the date and time. Deliberate wrong inputs are criminally pursued and indicated.
Internal Revenue Service
© Copyright 2008, Internal Revenue Service U.S.A.


Carpe Noctum


So when we first began our programming in Java we used Bluejay. It was an annoying little program that attempted at making Java easier to program. In general it helped a lot in the initial stages but became limiting with its minimal commands and controls. Now we have moved over to something better. As we begin programming GUI's (Graphic User Interfaces) we find that Netbeans is the way to go. It is a GUI that can be used for more than one programming language providing all the necessary compliers when downloaded. And it features a very impressive drag and drop environment. They have actually just released a new version. If any of you have any remote interest in programming I encourage you to check it out HERE. Happy coding.

Free Wallpapers

I just was looking through the semi-cool wallpapers that come with vista and I found myself wanting more, a quick Google search found an awesome website that you guys should check out,, they have great wallpapers that apeal to anyones taste.


Xbox Live

Yesterday I was at the local "Wal-mart" and noticed this box. It says "Games for Windows" and "X-Box 360" I was wondering if this means that Xbox 360 and Pc's are playing games in the same servers? Essentially they are both computers, but I would think PC gamers have a advantage over 360 players simply because using the keyboard in my opinion is a lot easier then using the controller. Hmm....
Carpe Noctum

Apple Media Server

A friend of mine works for on command, the TV channel stuff in hotels. He was recently told (this my be a rumor) that Apple has filed with the FCC to release a Home Media Server. As I said this may be a Rumor but it came to him in an in house memo. Who knows? Is apple trying to compete with Microsoft's Home Server 08' Platform? Who Knows? May be rumor.... But imagine the possibilities.

Some people on Digg were saying nay towards this rumor, asking " Why would they need to file with the FCC?" I asked my source today and he replied, " The reason they need to file is because everything will be streaming "wireless" and they needed to file because of the white noise that would be created by this service" I hope this sheds some light on this rumor.

TV tuner Box

As you know i work at walmart and we just got information on the Analog to Digital Change. People have been speculating that these converter boxes will cost over 100 dollars. This is not true. The two boxes that we are going to carry, the boxes will cost 47 and 49 dollars. Then on top of that, the Government is giving you a $40 gift card that you can use towards that.


Apple Made a Digital Camera?

Back in 1997 Apple created a Digital Camera. It was called the Apple Quicktake. The camera did not make it main stream. So this would fall under the category of Apple flops next to the Newton. Just something I found I figured I would Share.

Its taken 6 months but its a step in the right direction!

It has taken me 6 months… I have finally done it, I have made a big step in the direction of turning my GF into a geek. Here is how it went down: For Xmas my mother got me a Nintendo DS, (crimson) We went down to Florida for three weeks, so I got a chance to get my Brain-age down and my Character skills up. That was all fine and dandy, until my girlfriend flew down to Key West, Don’t get me wrong I was happy to see her… Actually I was ecstatic, not seeing her for the 13 days prior. But much to my dismay she found out I had received the DS, For the rest of the trip, I got to play one round of Sudoku and zero rounds of Zelda L. Every time we got a spare moment whether it was driving or waiting in line there she was playing Brain-age. Although it is sad she has a lower Brain-age then me. Not only that, every time we play guitar hero she totally womps me. And I actually play guitar… Sad but true. Anyway I will keep you posted on the geek girlfriend situation. I’m off to my networking class… Check out our Podcast, starting February 1st. We look forward to bringing you news in the tech world as well as cool things we found on the interweb. I will leave you with this quote “The quieter you are, the more you hear”

Carpe Noctum
Seize the Night

Mac Book Air?

So i have been waiting to switch to MAC simply because I wanted the most bang for my buck, so I figured I would wait for The new OS. Now they blind side me with the new MacBook Air... its a little more money for a little less.... so I just don't know what to do.... HMM