Duck Tape Festival

This really doesn't have much to do with technology but more along the lines of ingenuity. I recently attended the 2008 Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival. Yes that's right a DUCK TAPE FESTIVAL.
The Duck Tape Festival is 2 day festival celebrating duck tape and all of it's wonderful uses. There was plenty to do at the festival, there was rides for the kids, a beer tent for the adults, and plenty sculptures made from duck tape.

While I was there I spoke with a young lady named Abby Doud, Abby came all the way from Chicago just to show off her prom dress and tux that she made from Duck Tape. If she wins the contest she will receive a 3000 scholarship for school next year. Please if you can go on and vote for Abby at she is entry number 4080. This girl deserves to win, she spent 650 hours on her prom dress made completely out of Duck Tape.

On Saturday morning, you will see many roads closed in Avon. This is due to the Duck Tape parade. The Duck Tape parade is a parade where the floats are made solely out of Duck Tape. This year there was several really cool entrants. I am proud to say that the float that won has won 3 out of 3 times they entered, and for good reason. The winner of the 2008 Duck Tape Parade was KMU Trucking and Excavating. KMU's float was a full size replica of a John Deere Back Hoe. This was not just a Duck Tape Sculpture, the thing actually moved. As the float moved through the parade route it raised and lowered the bucket pulling treasure out of the treasure chest. There is no secret as to why they one. The creativity and man power that went into this float was unbelievable.

This was a really cool event and a great way to celebrate the tape that holds our lives together. I encourage anyone in or around the Cleveland area to go to the Duck Tape festival. You will not be disappointed. That's it for now,

T.J. Houston

3G iPluses ++

I guess I will step up to the plate here and defend the iPown.

Saying that the phone should have been 3G in the first place is debatable. From an American consumer point of view even I myself wish that it hadn't taken this long to provide consumers with a 3G Apple Phone. But after the keynote speech, if we step back and see that there are going to be around 70 countries operating on a 3G network.

So why should I give a crap about the geeks in Egypt and whether or not they get 3G while they climb around on their pyramids?

It's all about the future. Apple as a company saw the need to hold out on geeks here in the States in order that they could deliver a product literally to the world. Now there will be people around the world working on new applications. Adding to the troubleshooting process by having more users available to identify potential problems such as issues with updates or other software. Also it develops a user network. Now there will be a product that is going international(significantly more than previously). With more countries serviced means more income which means more advancements in products.

I will let my inner geek shine for one last minute. 3G is too slow. Let's keep the technology going. We've conquered 3G. What can we do next to make mobile connections faster, smaller and better. Whether it's the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or other Smartphone(and I use that term loosely) I strongly believe consumers will see a lot of new improvements in mobile technology
within the next 4-5 months.


New Additions

In the next few weeks you will see the site dramatically change. I want to add more media to the site. I want this to be a place where people can come to learn about new technology as well as read reviews of new tech. My main focus is going to be mobile computing. I love having the ability to be connected everywhere. Keep checking back for new additions to the site in the coming months. You will also see new faces around here writing articles. I am in the process of adding more geeks to the blog so we can gain more content. Thanks for reading…


My New Smartphone

I recently purchased the new blackberry curve on the Verizon network.

Here are some stats:

· Ev-do
· Built in GPS with Turn by Turn directions
· Full QWERTY Keyboard
· 2.0 MP Camera (Still and Video)
· Video Recording
· MMS Messaging
· Push Email
· The normal Smartphone Apps: Calendar, Task list, Blackberry Chat, Password Vault, Alarm Clock
· Nice large display

This was a nice upgrade from the HTC-6700. The phones cost was $149.00. The data plan was $29.99 dollars extra a month unlike the $59.99 plan that Verizon had.

I have had nothing but good experiences with his phone. All of my outlook contacts were added with no hassle at all. It took about 20 minutes to setup 3 email accounts to my phone. The ability to add applications is a wonderful experience. It’s as simple as click, download, enjoy.

Google has made the blackberry an awesome device. (More on this later) I think I made the right choice in purchasing the curve instead of going over to the i-phone. Look forward to a full review of the Google apps that are available to the blackberry.

I-Phone not worth it?

Ok the "Steve note" is done. The updates to Engadget have slowed down. Now that the dust has cleared lets go over the underwhelming announcements. I am not going to lie I refreshed Engadget all morning waiting to hear a big announcement. I feel that I am still waiting. After reading through the announcements and other blogs I’m not impressed.

i-Phone 3G Announcements:

· 3G (obviously)
· $199 Price Point
· Built in GPS
· Non recessed headphone jack (Not really a feature)
· The new firmware 2.0 ( Push e-mail, Mobile Me integration, wirelessly download applications)

As far as I can see that’s it. There was a quote on a blog that states today’s announcements "Market over Mind". There really wasn’t anything special that makes me want to purchase an i-phone. Actually for the past couple months I said I would get an i-phone when it went 3G. This is no longer my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong they fixed a lot of things that should have been in the first i-phone. I guess I was just expecting to hear some more big announcements ie: mms messaging, video recording, video chat, notes syncing… I guess I will be waiting another year for i-phones next birthday.

Anxious iPhone Fans Await Release

I must say I'm one of them. How many of us have Macworlds live update bookmarked? If you haven't already done so here is the link.

iPhone WWDC Live Update

I imagine that Steve Jobs is not going to dive right in on the new phone. This is a developers conference and I imagine that he will want to talk about the SDK. However if he wants to talk about new features on the iPhone than he will have to go into some detail.

On the flipside I doubt he expects to go in and do a keynote speech and walk out alive if he doesn't release the new iPhone. In all seriousness the public has waited a long time for the phone. And holding out much longer is just going to make people lose interest.

Regardless, Apple sure does have a good marketing program. The Apple iPhone is one of the most hyped up products of all time. It has people checking the web constantly

We know it exists, Steve Jobs give us our Video Integrated Chat, 3G, GPS enabled iPhone or give us death.

Globus non suffice.

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