3G iPluses ++

I guess I will step up to the plate here and defend the iPown.

Saying that the phone should have been 3G in the first place is debatable. From an American consumer point of view even I myself wish that it hadn't taken this long to provide consumers with a 3G Apple Phone. But after the keynote speech, if we step back and see that there are going to be around 70 countries operating on a 3G network.

So why should I give a crap about the geeks in Egypt and whether or not they get 3G while they climb around on their pyramids?

It's all about the future. Apple as a company saw the need to hold out on geeks here in the States in order that they could deliver a product literally to the world. Now there will be people around the world working on new applications. Adding to the troubleshooting process by having more users available to identify potential problems such as issues with updates or other software. Also it develops a user network. Now there will be a product that is going international(significantly more than previously). With more countries serviced means more income which means more advancements in products.

I will let my inner geek shine for one last minute. 3G is too slow. Let's keep the technology going. We've conquered 3G. What can we do next to make mobile connections faster, smaller and better. Whether it's the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or other Smartphone(and I use that term loosely) I strongly believe consumers will see a lot of new improvements in mobile technology
within the next 4-5 months.