I-pod shuffle now only $49

Although the I-Pod shuffle does not have a screen, it is still a great MP3 player. Last year my mother was looking to get a very simple MP3 Player to listen to when she works out and when she is at work. All of the other players on the market for what she needed where very cheap and they used Windows Media Player, which in my experience is a nightmare. The I-tunes software is much easier to use for someone who is not tech savvy. So we picked it up for her. Little did I know I would steal it and use it instead of my I-pod nano. The battery life is amazing and not having a screen frees you from the constant searching for a song. For all of you nay sayers out there that think I screen is a necessity, it is not… I have found the solution, only put songs you would listen to on there… not your whole library. For $49.00 it’s a great price for a great MP3 player.