Black Friday

Who was at Wal-Mart at 4:00 AM this morning? Yeah that was me....
no i wasn't scoping out the deals or standing in line.... i was working....
But i did have people shopping for me ... OK first off when it comes to technology my parents feel if they 
don't need it they don't get it... 
and when i finally talk them into getting something like an I pod I tend
 to steal it from them and i win.... 
OK so anyway my dad has been thinking about getting a GPS... I told 
him about the one Wal-mart had for black Friday ... a Garmin... OK 
now to show how much my parents are out of the loop he began to 
tell me that it wasn't a good one because he has never heard of Garmin....  
You know Garmin one of
the main GPS providers out there..... So after I showed him the reviews
he decided he liked that one.... it was on sale for $128.00 not bad.... so
my mom wants to get a portable DVD player for my cousin.... she stands
in line and gets it.... then she See's a 7.1 MP Kodak Camera with 10x optical
zoom... so she gets that..... then she sees Kodak 2GB SD Cards she picks up
3 of those... then she sees 2 GB Flash Drives she definitely needs those....
then I talk her into a Kodak printer with nice photo printing and I come to
find out my discount works on all the black Friday deals so I got all of the seasons
of 24 and a bunch of awesome movies like the illusionist, Smokin aces, and some
others.... so all in all it was a good day for me... I made out the best.

T.J. Carpe Noctum


R.I.P. Demonoid
   You were always there when I Needed you most.
    You were there when I was broke.
    You helped me get some great software. 
    Thanks for being there for me

Demonoid you will be missed

(A very Sad Panda)

I love LINUX!

About time you came around Scotty... I am a firm believer in the open source environment... why are so many people scared of changing from Microshaft Windblows to Linux it is so much easier to use and there is in my opinion more support because there are people online who are going through the exact same thing you are and they can shed some light on the problems you are having.

I hear people say all the time they can't play games on there computer if they run Linux... this is not true, there are programs out there that will run games the same way they do in windows. is the best place to look for the games that are supported,

Try Linux its great.
I have nothing else to say

Carpe noctum

Veer away from Vista.

Well after a normal morning of class and a non-eventful afternoon I ended up where I always do about this time of day…DIGG. Stumbling across an article about a man moving from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 7.10.

[What everyone should do.]

Pure Genius! I simply had forgotten that Ubuntu released a new version recently. And since I haven’t played with Linux in a while, I found this idea very appealing. I was just perusing some of the comments people said. You had your classic Windows hater that talked about how crappy Vista was. And then of course, unfortunately you had your mislead Windows lover. I wish there were words strong enough to express my HATE for Windows Vista. I was one of the few who dropped 250 opening week for Vista Ultimate. Apart from finding out that Santa and the Easter Bunny were a hoax. This was one of the most disappointing events in my life.

I have been using Vista since its release and at first was very excited about all the “new” features. The cool new start bar and the flashy colors, the way it utilizes my system for once taking advantage of my decent processor and filled ram slots. Au contraire, it turns out all these things could not prevent my eventual dissatisfaction with the product. At this point I would encourage everyone to…
1.Stay with XP
2.Move to
A. Apple
B. Linux

At this point in the blog I would like to provide you with the link to 7.1

[Ubuntu 7.1]

For Gods sake, stay away from Vista. I’m signing off.


Google Docs

As a college student, I have found there is a lot of note taking. With 18 credit hours, I have a lot of notes, how do I keep sane? I use Google documents. I have found that Google docs is a great way to organize all of my notes, print them out for a hard copy, and share notes with classmates.
Google documents is a word processor and spreadsheet maker that is modeled after the Microsoft office sweet. It has the ability to export documents as Rich text format, word document, HTML, PDF and many other formats, Spell check is built in, you also have the ability to format your text however you want it. You can use bullets to separate notes for class. You can also double space text for reports and papers that need to be done.
Google docs is great for researching topics for school simply because you have your word processor in one tab and all of your web pages in the other so you can flip back and forth quickly. The spell check is very useful for typing your home work and having the correct spelling before you turn it in.
Share and Publish. These two options are great for bloggers like me and the share option is cool because you can send your notes to class mates and they can add to your notes or you can just set the permissions to allow them to view them and nothing more. I take 4 online classes and we use a tool called angel to submit all of my class work. I'm not always at the same computer, Google docs makes it easy to access my notes for class because they are saved online so all you have to do is log on and boom you have all of your notes, and all of your homework and you can also keep track of all of your grades using the spreadsheet function and keep up to date with all of your classes,

I hope more people realize how much time and hassle google docs saves. This post is just a small sampling of what Google docs can do, if you want to experience Google documents go create an account and your ready to go. Did I mention this is free?

Carpe Noctum


Just found a new website. It is called multiply. Everyone should go and sign up for a free account right now. After you do that you can click search in the top right and then change what you are searching for to music in a little dropdown box and then bammmm it searches the internet for whatever song it is you want. I'm signing off.

New I-Pod?

I was listening to a pod cast, Ibelieve it was Buzz out Loud from the guys over at C-net, and a caller called in asking about a new I-Pod in the works from apple? It made sense a new I-Pod right before Christmas. As you know I work at Wal-mart. We have not received any I-Pods for the last month. I don't know if anyone here knows about Wal-mart but its like a cardinal sin if we are out of something. The shelf's always have to be full or we 
we get in trouble. I think it makes sense. Why would Walmart take the hit of not being able to sell I-Pods unless there was something worth wile coming in the future?
This is just a speculation. But it makes sense to me.



For all of you out there who want to learn how to code in Java, but don't have a lot of time. Here is something to look into. A university over in the United Kingdom put together this this program called BlueJay. Ironically that is the mascot of Creighton University...I digress. Anyways check it out It is a compiler, a text editor. It integrates a decent user interface. Some of the buttons are repetitive but it allows multiple ways of doing the same thing such as building code, and executing programs. We will be using this in my intro computer science class. I will make sure to check back in and let you all know of any new features I find intriguing. I'm signing off.

Funny Vid

Video showing what happens when forum kiddies join the buisness world


The market share for the windows mobile platform has increased greatly since the popularity of the smart phone has increased. Now all cellphone carriers are offering smart phones of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, online company's like Mozilla Firefox, Google, and Skype Etc. are viewing this uprising as a way to boost there software and move to the top.
Optimizing websites for the mobile community, I remember when I got my first cell phone and I tried to use Verizon's "Mobile Web" , it was a nightmare. Non of the websites were even close to be viewable. If there was a optimized site I couldn't find it. Now there is a whole browser built for mobile surfing.

MINIMO is a mozilla based browser that optimizes the surfing experience and makes it more enjoyable for the Windows Mobile users.

From Minimo Project page:


Minimo uses Mozilla Technologies to produce a highly usable web browser for advanced mobile devices. Features include:

* Fast access to your mobile content via Homebase start page

* Best support for modern web standards (Javascript and AJAX).

* Social Bookmarking

* Tab browsing

* RSS Support

* Proven security (TLS, SSL3)

* International support

* Cross platform capability
* Widget and Extension support

    Minimo comes with an awesome start page, with built in Mobile sites for, Map Browsing. Google Mobile Search, and Weather. These are some of the most useful websites that people try to access on there PDA. The most enticing link on the main page is Mocomo, Mocomo brings together the best mobile sites and it becomes a portal to all things mobile. There are quite a few links on the mocomo main page, Y! directions, Mapquest, Yellow/White Pages, Flickr, Fandago,TV Guide, ESPN, And language/currency converters. With these options you are able to function while you are away from your home PC. With these mobile sites like White Pages, you won't have to spend money with services like 411.


Who will win? HD or Blu-Ray? What do you think? Paramount and Dreamworks released a press release stating they are moving to HD DVD. Big titles include Transformers, and Shrek the Third. The first movie to make the switch will be Blades of glory. (Which was going to be released for both) This is going to be a never ending battle. I think it is going to come down to cost.
The consumers will go with what ever is cheaper. I also think the dual purpose (Blu-ray / HD DVD) players will be the most popular. Why can't we all just get along.

Carpe noctum


Windows Mobile Stuff

The windows mobile Operating system is a very easy to use operating system to use if you were raised on windows. These are a few links that make your daily life a little bit easier.

  • Almost everywhere you go now there is a Hotspot, Why not use your PDA/Smart phone as a portable Skype phone. Check out Skypes website to download the latest copy for your particular PDA.
  • Google Maps. If you have a PDA that has Wi-Fi then you need to get Google maps. It installs very easy and it is very handy. Satellite images at your finger tips. Definitely cool.
  • Wi-Fi-Fo-Fum, Wi-fi-fo-fum is a wireless access point scanner. This app shows all active access points in the area. This app can display in a few different ways, you can show results as a list or as a old skool radar. Great for War Drivers!
  • Raise your hand if your a Firefox fan boy... that's what I thought. Minimo is a great way to surf the Web on that access pont you just stumbled upon. The minimo browser makes full size windows fit great to the small PDA screen. It comes with many useful links built in like, Gmail, Google, and so on.
These are just a few of the many available tools for the window mobile platform.
There will be a better review of these tools after i get a chance to use them more.

P.S. Sorry for the short post, I am writing this on my lunch break in the parking lot of a Gas Station that has Wi-Fi.

The Quote of the Day: Microsoft: "You've got questions. We've got dancing paperclips."

- Unknown

T.J. Houston
(Carpe Noctum)

Google Calander > iCal > Palm

So for those of you who like to jump on google calenders to make quick changes to your agenda. But you work on a mac and carry a palm. I have the solution. So there is this program for us mac users called spanning sync. What spanning sync does is simply sync your google calender with your iCal. It is a great tool and its only fallback is that it costs. It provides a nice little trial that allows you to use it a couple of weeks and then you are offered a one year subscription or a lifetime subscription. But meh...who wants to pay. If you go into your manage calenders section in google you can then pick which calender you would like to sync. Then just scroll to where it says iCal. Click here and a url will pop up. This will allow you to subscribe to the url in iCal. Simply hit calender, subscribe, and then copy paste your url into the box. And bam your all synced. Then to go to palm the guys over at PALM have a great guide
Happy Syncing. I'm signing off.

Making Room For My 19''...

Well as you all know I was moving into college this past week. What you might not know is I'm a little spoiled. I'm sporting the macbook and my desktop. The desktop featuring a 19" Hyundai Imagequest(Excellent Monitor). Unfortunately my desk in Gallagher(My Hall) was to small for the monitor to fit and a keyboard to go in front of it. So we stopped by the local Lowes and bought some lumber. Made a quick bookshelf. Which I then slid behind my desk. Pushing the nook that was on top of the desk back 10" nearly gave me a third more of space. Problem solved! Apart from spending the past two days hooking up the video game systems, cable and sorting clothes. College is going well so far. Cross Country practice this morning consisted of a 6 mile run at a ski resort. Well I want to keep this blog entry as tech related as possible so if you want more of my personal life than you will have to check out . I have quite the set-up going though the pc on the left of the desk and the macbook on the right. I will follow this post up with another on a neat little trick I learned today. I'm signing off.

Its official I am a geek

Last Night, I went to a drive in movie, I haven't been to one in a while, So were going down the road 
to get there and I'm switching through the stations to find something good to listen to. While i was scanning
the radio stations, I heard this dialog then we came over the hill and the movie was playing, So instead of paying the outrageous prices for a movie we watched the The Bourne Ultimatum for free. Life is great. 
On the way to the movie, we stopped at Denny's for some dinner before the movie, So I took in the Laptop so I could get some work done, The girlfriend tried to make me leave
my laptop in the car, Meh. But I didn't and we were all around a table and the term Goatse came up, and I was googling it when this picture came up. 
I freaked out a little bit and we all just laughed.

Quote of the Night
"There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't."

Carpe Noctum
(seize the night)


Today I Finally made the decision to buy a web cam... I have been putting this off for a while simply because
I am waiting to get a Mac Book and as most of you know the Mac Books come standard with the web cam built in. What is the point in Buying a web cam knowing you are getting one when your Brand New shiny mac book comes in. But with Scott going away to college, I needed a way to communicate..

I decided after work to swing by the electronics department at wal-mart. Let me clear something up real quick, I do not recommend purchasing electronics from Wal-mart, the only reason I do is because I work there and get 10% off. And it is pretty Convenient.
Anyway, Back to the Post, I decided to buy the Logitech Quickcam For Notebooks. It looks pretty good on the laptop, a little bit of lag, but for 40 bucks its not to bad, I am now awaiting Scott to sign on to Skype so i can try it out.

I was listening to one of the TWIT pod casts today and I was turned on to this new site, I am going to try it for the next few days and give a full review of it within the next week or so.

Quote of the day: ~ I prefer Social Engineering, simply because there is no patch for human stupidity~

Till Next Time
Carpe Noctem
(Seize The Day)

Fall Semester 2007

This Fall I'm going to be taking...

  • RSP (An intro to college life course)
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science(Java based)
  • Latin
  • English
  • Christianity in Context
That totals up to 16 credit hours. We start officially on the 22nd, which is next Wednesday. Still waiting on my books to get mailed in from I have a few already, and I will still have to pick up my math book from the Creighton Bookstore. Well I have to get up early, so I'm signing off.

The day the Music Died

Today the 12th... I sadly lose my fellow g33k.... Scott leaves at 8:00 tomorrow morning for Creighton University to study computer Science.... That leaves me here in this small town... by myself.... Luckily this year the local community college,(locally means and hour away) has added a satellite campus that is about 10 minutes away, my first class is A+ Certification, I can't Wait!

For years I have been stuck in this town learning the norm. My most Technologically advance class was Learning (teaching) Microsoft Office and how to use it.... Finally i get a chance to explore the reaches of the 
Tech world and learn about what I love and have a passion for. Computers.
These are my classes:
A+ Certification
College 101 (LOL)
Algebra (not a math guru)
Electric Circuits
Intro to Computer Hardware

Did I mention I love Technology? All of my computer related Classes all have pod-casts!! I can jam to Lectures on my I pod.


This is a blog for all the people that love technology but are trapped by the constraints of living in a small town where the the most technologically advanced gadget is the stop light. l33t g33k and ech0 both grew up in a town where the population is under 2,000. The computers at our high school ran windows 95. These computers were always fixed by US because the Technology director was born circa 1950, he still was running windows 3.0. This background helped us to appreciate the evolution of technology. Both of us are Attending college for Computer Science and Networking. We will report what we are studying, Tech-news, and the coolest gadgets out there. We are constently crawling the web for the
latest news and the coolest podcasts. We will also be expirementing with Moblogging, and other social networking tools. Thanks for reading!
Scott And Tj