Anxious iPhone Fans Await Release

I must say I'm one of them. How many of us have Macworlds live update bookmarked? If you haven't already done so here is the link.

iPhone WWDC Live Update

I imagine that Steve Jobs is not going to dive right in on the new phone. This is a developers conference and I imagine that he will want to talk about the SDK. However if he wants to talk about new features on the iPhone than he will have to go into some detail.

On the flipside I doubt he expects to go in and do a keynote speech and walk out alive if he doesn't release the new iPhone. In all seriousness the public has waited a long time for the phone. And holding out much longer is just going to make people lose interest.

Regardless, Apple sure does have a good marketing program. The Apple iPhone is one of the most hyped up products of all time. It has people checking the web constantly

We know it exists, Steve Jobs give us our Video Integrated Chat, 3G, GPS enabled iPhone or give us death.

Globus non suffice.

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