So Sony has officially won the format war. Ars technical reporting today that Toshiba will stop shipping HD-DVD’s at the end of March. Why did Blu-ray win?

I believe the whole war was won with the all mighty dollars. I think Sony bought its way out of the war. In my opinion, the HD-DVD format was better. The HD-DVD was better priced and it was more useful. They did not require you to purchase a new player for new features, they pushed out firmware updates to make your investment more useful.

When I found out that my store (Wal-mart) was going exclusively Blu-ray I knew it was over. When the world’s largest big box store stops supporting a certain format you knows its over. The good thing is I did not run out and grab a certain player. I followed the advice from the crew at Buzz out Loud and waited.

I am still looking at getting an HD DVD player just to have a nice DVD player for a good price. I am sure by next week the price on the A3 will be 50 bucks on clearance. What a deal…