Whats this world coming to?

Its as simple as this.....

"If you cant Beat em Join em"

Deamonoid.com returns!!!!!

It seems like forever. The endless nights of searching the Interwebs up and down for a decent torrent site has brought tears to my eyes. Just searching for the sweet necter of seeds. Uh...did that come out wrong? Anyway back to the point ever since Demonoid.com shut down in what seems like eternity, I have been searching for a decent torrent site to get my "Files" from. But today it's all over and I can finally let my retinas regain their life. Demonoid has made it's triumphent return to the internet and my heart, even managing to keep all files and accounts intact. In a post on the main page today it states:

" Welcome back!

Since a few months ago, Deimos, the site administrator, lacks the necessary time to take care of the website, because of personal matters he's been needing to attend to. For this reason, he has decided to leave the site staff.

Before leaving, he assigned a new site administrator from among his friends to take care of the site. The old moderator team will continue helping with the site, unchanged. We will try to keep running everything just as it always has been.

The trackers and website seem to be working properly, and should any issues arise, they will be taken care of as soon as possible. The site might be going on and offline over the next days as we work out any problems.

Welcome back, and enjoy your stay!

- Umlauf
Demonoid Site admin

Okay so it's dated April 11th 2008 so either I've been slow or they actually just put it back up within the last few days. Either way i can relax, knowing fully that my download speeds and search results are safe once again in the hands of this beloved torrent site. Thank you demonoid.

Google + Outlook = Happy Smartphone User

For the past few weeks I have been trying to make myself use outlook more and more so I can learn simply because it is used so frequently in the business world. I remember last time I tried to sync my Google calendar with outlook and it was a nightmare. I used syncmycal last time and it didn’t get all of the data and you had to choose which system (Google or Outlook) had precedence over the other. While researching syncing outlook this time I stumbled upon a piece of software provided by Google services that did everything I wanted it to. Google Calendar Sync. After downloading this software all I had to do is put in my email address and password and all of my calendar dates were added. I found this is a great all in one solution for syncing Smartphone’s and your online calendar.