I-Phone not worth it?

Ok the "Steve note" is done. The updates to Engadget have slowed down. Now that the dust has cleared lets go over the underwhelming announcements. I am not going to lie I refreshed Engadget all morning waiting to hear a big announcement. I feel that I am still waiting. After reading through the announcements and other blogs I’m not impressed.

i-Phone 3G Announcements:

· 3G (obviously)
· $199 Price Point
· Built in GPS
· Non recessed headphone jack (Not really a feature)
· The new firmware 2.0 ( Push e-mail, Mobile Me integration, wirelessly download applications)

As far as I can see that’s it. There was a quote on a blog that states today’s announcements "Market over Mind". There really wasn’t anything special that makes me want to purchase an i-phone. Actually for the past couple months I said I would get an i-phone when it went 3G. This is no longer my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong they fixed a lot of things that should have been in the first i-phone. I guess I was just expecting to hear some more big announcements ie: mms messaging, video recording, video chat, notes syncing… I guess I will be waiting another year for i-phones next birthday.