Time to backup DVD's

Most people wont think twice about letting you borow a dvd from there collection…. Within 15 minutes you can have an exact copy as well as the exact same cover on the dvd, and the case if you need it. Some of you might pay for a service that delivers movies to your house every month.. this is a great service that not be named
(We are not responsible for copyright infringemint this method is used soley for backup purposes)
This works with Windows Vista as well as Windows XP. Krieder will have his Mac tutorial at a later date.
-Computer with a dvd burner
-A large hard drive if you want to save movies
-Blank DVD’s
-Sticky CD covers (available at walmart)
-Any dvd (this needs to be purchased but try it out first…)
-DVD shrink
-Nero (or any .iso burning software)
-Cover XP

First you will need to install ANY dvd…. This is the program that breaks the encryption on DVD’s if you do not have this installed DVD shrink will not be able to copy DVD’s .
1.After you have Any dvd installed, open DVD shrink and click open disk. A little tip, wait till your computer comes up and says there has been a dvd inserted, (this shows that any DVD has done its job) before you click open disk on DVD shrink.
2. After you say open disk it will come up and look like its reading through the disk.
3. At this point, DVD shrink will give you the options to shrink down the dvd, most of the time you will not have to. On the top you will see a button that says Backup.
4. Click Backup
DVD shrink is now building an ISO (exact copy) of your DVD
5. While this is happening, surf over to http://www.cdcovers.cc/ and search for the movie you are looking for. After you find the label or cover, right click and save picture to wherever you want it.
6. Open Cover XP, find the labels that you purchased under the labels bar.
7. Click on the Picture of the cd and navigate through your Hard Drive to find the image that you saved earlier. And click Print.
Back to your DVD.
8. After your image is done being made, find it in your hard drive and double click.
9. This should launch the image burning software you have installed,
10. Burn the ISO.
11. After it is completed attach your label
12. Enjoy your DVD