New Macs!

No big surprises here. Apple releases some new candidates for the mobile computer race. We have a beefed up MacBook and they upgraded the MacBook Pro's as well.

MacBooks: What you are looking at is a 2GB RAM Standard in the MacBooks with a 2.4 GHz cpu. Up to 250 GB Hard Drives. Keep in mind that it used to be 200.

Pro's: Up to 2.6 GHz CPU's. NVIDIA 8600M GT with up to 512mb of video memory. And of course the new multi touch track pad. It works similarly to the touch capabilities on the iPhone.

Overall its great to see upgrades. As far as prices are concerned everything is relative and as Apple policy no price jumps. But as far as running out and picking up one of these new machines? I'm still pulling for the technology like the Air. I think that we phased out the floppy drive and the I don't see the CD-Drive going anywhere. But a lot of people are purchasing their software via the internet avoiding the discs....Just my two cents.