Veer away from Vista.

Well after a normal morning of class and a non-eventful afternoon I ended up where I always do about this time of day…DIGG. Stumbling across an article about a man moving from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 7.10.

[What everyone should do.]

Pure Genius! I simply had forgotten that Ubuntu released a new version recently. And since I haven’t played with Linux in a while, I found this idea very appealing. I was just perusing some of the comments people said. You had your classic Windows hater that talked about how crappy Vista was. And then of course, unfortunately you had your mislead Windows lover. I wish there were words strong enough to express my HATE for Windows Vista. I was one of the few who dropped 250 opening week for Vista Ultimate. Apart from finding out that Santa and the Easter Bunny were a hoax. This was one of the most disappointing events in my life.

I have been using Vista since its release and at first was very excited about all the “new” features. The cool new start bar and the flashy colors, the way it utilizes my system for once taking advantage of my decent processor and filled ram slots. Au contraire, it turns out all these things could not prevent my eventual dissatisfaction with the product. At this point I would encourage everyone to…
1.Stay with XP
2.Move to
A. Apple
B. Linux

At this point in the blog I would like to provide you with the link to 7.1

[Ubuntu 7.1]

For Gods sake, stay away from Vista. I’m signing off.