The market share for the windows mobile platform has increased greatly since the popularity of the smart phone has increased. Now all cellphone carriers are offering smart phones of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, online company's like Mozilla Firefox, Google, and Skype Etc. are viewing this uprising as a way to boost there software and move to the top.
Optimizing websites for the mobile community, I remember when I got my first cell phone and I tried to use Verizon's "Mobile Web" , it was a nightmare. Non of the websites were even close to be viewable. If there was a optimized site I couldn't find it. Now there is a whole browser built for mobile surfing.

MINIMO is a mozilla based browser that optimizes the surfing experience and makes it more enjoyable for the Windows Mobile users.

From Minimo Project page:


Minimo uses Mozilla Technologies to produce a highly usable web browser for advanced mobile devices. Features include:

* Fast access to your mobile content via Homebase start page

* Best support for modern web standards (Javascript and AJAX).

* Social Bookmarking

* Tab browsing

* RSS Support

* Proven security (TLS, SSL3)

* International support

* Cross platform capability
* Widget and Extension support

    Minimo comes with an awesome start page, with built in Mobile sites for, Map Browsing. Google Mobile Search, and Weather. These are some of the most useful websites that people try to access on there PDA. The most enticing link on the main page is Mocomo, Mocomo brings together the best mobile sites and it becomes a portal to all things mobile. There are quite a few links on the mocomo main page, Y! directions, Mapquest, Yellow/White Pages, Flickr, Fandago,TV Guide, ESPN, And language/currency converters. With these options you are able to function while you are away from your home PC. With these mobile sites like White Pages, you won't have to spend money with services like 411.