Google Calander > iCal > Palm

So for those of you who like to jump on google calenders to make quick changes to your agenda. But you work on a mac and carry a palm. I have the solution. So there is this program for us mac users called spanning sync. What spanning sync does is simply sync your google calender with your iCal. It is a great tool and its only fallback is that it costs. It provides a nice little trial that allows you to use it a couple of weeks and then you are offered a one year subscription or a lifetime subscription. But meh...who wants to pay. If you go into your manage calenders section in google you can then pick which calender you would like to sync. Then just scroll to where it says iCal. Click here and a url will pop up. This will allow you to subscribe to the url in iCal. Simply hit calender, subscribe, and then copy paste your url into the box. And bam your all synced. Then to go to palm the guys over at PALM have a great guide
Happy Syncing. I'm signing off.