Black Friday

Who was at Wal-Mart at 4:00 AM this morning? Yeah that was me....
no i wasn't scoping out the deals or standing in line.... i was working....
But i did have people shopping for me ... OK first off when it comes to technology my parents feel if they 
don't need it they don't get it... 
and when i finally talk them into getting something like an I pod I tend
 to steal it from them and i win.... 
OK so anyway my dad has been thinking about getting a GPS... I told 
him about the one Wal-mart had for black Friday ... a Garmin... OK 
now to show how much my parents are out of the loop he began to 
tell me that it wasn't a good one because he has never heard of Garmin....  
You know Garmin one of
the main GPS providers out there..... So after I showed him the reviews
he decided he liked that one.... it was on sale for $128.00 not bad.... so
my mom wants to get a portable DVD player for my cousin.... she stands
in line and gets it.... then she See's a 7.1 MP Kodak Camera with 10x optical
zoom... so she gets that..... then she sees Kodak 2GB SD Cards she picks up
3 of those... then she sees 2 GB Flash Drives she definitely needs those....
then I talk her into a Kodak printer with nice photo printing and I come to
find out my discount works on all the black Friday deals so I got all of the seasons
of 24 and a bunch of awesome movies like the illusionist, Smokin aces, and some
others.... so all in all it was a good day for me... I made out the best.

T.J. Carpe Noctum