Google Docs

As a college student, I have found there is a lot of note taking. With 18 credit hours, I have a lot of notes, how do I keep sane? I use Google documents. I have found that Google docs is a great way to organize all of my notes, print them out for a hard copy, and share notes with classmates.
Google documents is a word processor and spreadsheet maker that is modeled after the Microsoft office sweet. It has the ability to export documents as Rich text format, word document, HTML, PDF and many other formats, Spell check is built in, you also have the ability to format your text however you want it. You can use bullets to separate notes for class. You can also double space text for reports and papers that need to be done.
Google docs is great for researching topics for school simply because you have your word processor in one tab and all of your web pages in the other so you can flip back and forth quickly. The spell check is very useful for typing your home work and having the correct spelling before you turn it in.
Share and Publish. These two options are great for bloggers like me and the share option is cool because you can send your notes to class mates and they can add to your notes or you can just set the permissions to allow them to view them and nothing more. I take 4 online classes and we use a tool called angel to submit all of my class work. I'm not always at the same computer, Google docs makes it easy to access my notes for class because they are saved online so all you have to do is log on and boom you have all of your notes, and all of your homework and you can also keep track of all of your grades using the spreadsheet function and keep up to date with all of your classes,

I hope more people realize how much time and hassle google docs saves. This post is just a small sampling of what Google docs can do, if you want to experience Google documents go create an account and your ready to go. Did I mention this is free?

Carpe Noctum