Today I Finally made the decision to buy a web cam... I have been putting this off for a while simply because
I am waiting to get a Mac Book and as most of you know the Mac Books come standard with the web cam built in. What is the point in Buying a web cam knowing you are getting one when your Brand New shiny mac book comes in. But with Scott going away to college, I needed a way to communicate..

I decided after work to swing by the electronics department at wal-mart. Let me clear something up real quick, I do not recommend purchasing electronics from Wal-mart, the only reason I do is because I work there and get 10% off. And it is pretty Convenient.
Anyway, Back to the Post, I decided to buy the Logitech Quickcam For Notebooks. It looks pretty good on the laptop, a little bit of lag, but for 40 bucks its not to bad, I am now awaiting Scott to sign on to Skype so i can try it out.

I was listening to one of the TWIT pod casts today and I was turned on to this new site, www.pageflakes.com. I am going to try it for the next few days and give a full review of it within the next week or so.

Quote of the day: ~ I prefer Social Engineering, simply because there is no patch for human stupidity~

Till Next Time
Carpe Noctem
(Seize The Day)