Forgot Your Password In Ubuntu?


At work we have an Ubuntu server that we use for imaging with FOG. With fog, you never really need access to the machine, just the web interface will suffice. Recently we were looking to update fog as well as install a list-serve since the imaging really is not that resource intensive, well lo and behold, we did not set it up to be one of our default passwords that we use, hmm…

After some Googling around and a couple of failed attempts, I found a really easy way to change the admin password in Ubuntu Desktop. When logging into the server click escape to get into the different boot options, scroll down to the recovery option and hit enter.


The next menu is the recovery menu. Here you want to scroll down to root, this option will give you access to a root shell prompt.


*Warning: you can really screw up your computer being in this elevated shell*

When you get the blinking cursor type:   passwd root

(This command also works for other users)

After this you will be asked to enter a new Unix Password twice.

After this is done restart your pc. Mission Complete


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Apple X-Serve Trouble Shooting

With the X-Serve we have here, there is not video card. So no direct connection to the unit is available. This really sucks when the server crashes and will not boot. Here are a few things to try to see if you can get it back up and running.

First, just let it set. There has been many times when I was having issues with the unit not booting up at all. Just flashing its lights mockingly at me. Letting it set for 15 minutes gives it the time it needs to gather its thoughts and get back to work.

The next thing I found was from Apples KB.  On the front panel, you see the status lights (Blue), they can help you interface directly with the unit. Here you can clear the nvram, put the X-Serve into diagnostic mode, boot to cd, as well as Net Boot. Below is the link on how to interface with the front panel.

Hope this helps you guys keep your servers up and running.

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Birthday Win

When you sign up for all those little restaurant giveaways and what not on the internet, you never expect to win, but you do it anyway. Reality is all of these businesses want, well, your business. Below are a few of the sites that I signed up for that paid off.

My birthday is soon approaching (Feb 16th), no special plans, school, work, the norm. Recently I started receiving emails for various food establishments wishing me a “Happy Birthday”. So far I have a free appetizer, desert, a medium pizza, a free entree, and a free burger. Not bad for the 3 minutes it took me to sign up for these things.

Here is the list:

Dairy Queen- Various buy one get one free coupons throughout the year, and a free blizzard for my birthday

Red Robin- Multiple free appetizer deals throughout the year, various holiday free treats, and for my birthday a free burger and as a bonus I signed up for this offer and they gave me a 3$ off coupon.

Hungry Howies- Multiple good pizza deals throughout the year free bread sticks for Halloween and such, and for my birthday I got a free medium one topping pizza.

I will update the list throughout the month I'm hoping I get more so I can eat free for the next week.

Just a thought… we all have more then one email… I'm sure we can change the birth date… Hmmmm…

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BlackBerry Issues?

Recently I have been noticing a couple different issues with my Blackberry Curve (Verizon). These problems include the speaker stops working, email account stops working, Web Browser will not load web pages and gives error message regarding Service Books. Below are a few things that have helped me fix my issues with my blackberry and there is a good chance that it will fix yours as well.

First issue that I have had happen, is the earpiece stops working, I spent a little bit of time on the phone with Verizon tech support. They had me resend the service books, didn’t fix it. They then asked me when was the last time that I sync my blackberry, well never, everything I need is over the air. Well apparently Verizon pushed out an update that has made my curve so much better, it runs smoother, faster and it seems much more dependable. The updates software also installs “Docs to Go” which gives you the ability to open Word documents as well as PowerPoint presentations.

2nd Issue: Your blackberry just decides to stop retrieving e-mail. I found that re-sending service books (Service Books) fixed the issue. Service books are basically just config files that tell the Blackberry how to interact on the network. To resend your service books, click email settings, service books, then cli ck Send Service Books.

Although theses methods are not full proof, they are a good place to start. I hope this helps you get back up and running with your Crackberry.

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BlackBerry Win

I know its been a while since i have posted, Life happened lol. I have been very busy with School and working two jobs. But today i am going to share with you some of the best places to find Apps, Themes, Ring tones and other cool things for the blackberry

Themes, because the normal theme just gets boring. Offers a theme builder to create your own Themes for your CrackBerry

Bored at meetings? Download some games to play while the boss man isn't looking.
Although not free, , both offer some really cool games that would def. keep you busy during that next budget meeting.

And finally what everyone loves, ring tones, navigate your BB browser to this address scroll down and click the song, save, enjoy

IF you guys have any other suggestions for BB apps email me @



The quieter you are the more you hear