Forgot Your Password In Ubuntu?


At work we have an Ubuntu server that we use for imaging with FOG. With fog, you never really need access to the machine, just the web interface will suffice. Recently we were looking to update fog as well as install a list-serve since the imaging really is not that resource intensive, well lo and behold, we did not set it up to be one of our default passwords that we use, hmm…

After some Googling around and a couple of failed attempts, I found a really easy way to change the admin password in Ubuntu Desktop. When logging into the server click escape to get into the different boot options, scroll down to the recovery option and hit enter.


The next menu is the recovery menu. Here you want to scroll down to root, this option will give you access to a root shell prompt.


*Warning: you can really screw up your computer being in this elevated shell*

When you get the blinking cursor type:   passwd root

(This command also works for other users)

After this you will be asked to enter a new Unix Password twice.

After this is done restart your pc. Mission Complete


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