Birthday Win

When you sign up for all those little restaurant giveaways and what not on the internet, you never expect to win, but you do it anyway. Reality is all of these businesses want, well, your business. Below are a few of the sites that I signed up for that paid off.

My birthday is soon approaching (Feb 16th), no special plans, school, work, the norm. Recently I started receiving emails for various food establishments wishing me a “Happy Birthday”. So far I have a free appetizer, desert, a medium pizza, a free entree, and a free burger. Not bad for the 3 minutes it took me to sign up for these things.

Here is the list:

Dairy Queen- Various buy one get one free coupons throughout the year, and a free blizzard for my birthday

Red Robin- Multiple free appetizer deals throughout the year, various holiday free treats, and for my birthday a free burger and as a bonus I signed up for this offer and they gave me a 3$ off coupon.

Hungry Howies- Multiple good pizza deals throughout the year free bread sticks for Halloween and such, and for my birthday I got a free medium one topping pizza.

I will update the list throughout the month I'm hoping I get more so I can eat free for the next week.

Just a thought… we all have more then one email… I'm sure we can change the birth date… Hmmmm…

Till Next time

Carpe Noctum