Apple X-Serve Trouble Shooting

With the X-Serve we have here, there is not video card. So no direct connection to the unit is available. This really sucks when the server crashes and will not boot. Here are a few things to try to see if you can get it back up and running.

First, just let it set. There has been many times when I was having issues with the unit not booting up at all. Just flashing its lights mockingly at me. Letting it set for 15 minutes gives it the time it needs to gather its thoughts and get back to work.

The next thing I found was from Apples KB.  On the front panel, you see the status lights (Blue), they can help you interface directly with the unit. Here you can clear the nvram, put the X-Serve into diagnostic mode, boot to cd, as well as Net Boot. Below is the link on how to interface with the front panel.

Hope this helps you guys keep your servers up and running.

Till Next Time