We promised and we shall deliver

Scott and I have been in the process of adding more content as we promised. Lately we have been developing a new site for the college geeks out there. We have been recording podcasts, and also will have live feeds on stickam. If you have any ideas, or would like to participate in our podcasts/ development please E-mail us at smalltowngeeks@gmail.com. Thanks for reading...

T.J. and Scott

Small Town Geeks

Mobile me has arrived!

At last the wait is over. Mobile-Me has finally arrived. Ever since WWDC we have been anxiously awaiting the all new interface for .Mac. It is here.

The new interface for mobile me is a huge improvement over what .mac used to be. It seems like this service is finally worth the money. The big test for this service is handling so much traffic from the mobile world. As long as it can hold up to that I think this service will be a huge hit.

I look forward to building photo albums for my family and friends and enjoying this new service from apple.

Update: The gallery function does not function as of 7:04 est.



I was just tooling around the inter webs when I came across an article about mobile me. I, out on a limb tried sending myself an email to my .mac account. Without thinking I put down @me.com. I realized this after I had already sent the email. Much to my surprise my blackberry started vibrating. This means that @me.com is already re-directing to your .mac account. Only 4 more days for the real thing. I cant wait. Look for a full review of mobile me coming up next week.

Till then...

Have a good one