Sharing Ev-do Through Wireless Connection

So should I pay $14.99 a day for Wi-Fi at the hotel, or enable tethering on my blackberry for $30.00 for the month…. HMM…

After doing some research, I found that it is very easy to make your own mobile hotspot. This is part 1 of a little hacking experiment. Imagine this. You are at your local “Starbucks” and you want to steal some people packets. Why not share your Ev-do connection and name it “Starbucks” fire up wireshark and start munchin on some packets.

Here is how you do it in vista.

Install your necessary drivers and software for your air-card.

Next, go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections


Right Click on your dial-up (Broadband) connection and select properties


Once in, check the box that says “Allow users to share…”


After this, make sure all of your devices are set to automatically receive DHCP.

Reset your broadband connection (disconnect, reconnect) 

Next go back to Network and Sharing Center and click “Set up a connection or network”

setup ad-hoc

Click “Set up a wireless ad hoc…”


Setup what you want your SSID. Make sure security type is set to no authentication

Connection Settings

Click Next

Final Settings

Click Close

Lets see what comes up on the other clients



The reason that I set this up was to have Wi-Fi in the hotel room. Maybe later we will try to see what we can find out on the streets with our Mobile Access Point and Wireshark.



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History of interfaces, Cool Read

Interesting timeline of Operating System Interfaces. Hope You Like.



New Site in Beta

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Adobe Flash Fail

Scott is Traveling for spring break to Belize and caught this picture at the airport. Can you say Adobe Flash Fail?  LOLZ


List-Serv Mail Server

We are looking to add a mail list (list server) to our district in order to save on costs with mailing newsletters and what not. After looking over open and closed source projects we decided to go with list-serv light, the light version was more than enough to support our needs.

Installation was very easy, with the use of their user manual found here:

Also this is a good manual for moderator’s administrators as well":

If you know all of your ip addresses for your mail server and have an idea of how your network setup is a snap. The only issue that I ran into was the “wa.exe” script that is used to run the whole listserv. To save you some time, what you need to do is open the httpd.conf (in the bin directory within the apache folder) and find the line that has “#AddHandler cgi-script .cgi”. This line is commented out (#) delete the # sign and this will add the cgi support which is needed to run the list serv.

Other then the issue with the CGI script, the install was pretty easy.

Any questions feel free to email me:

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